May 31, 2023

Hundreds of members, including founders, resigned from the anti-refugee Turkish “Victory” party led by the racist “Umit Ozdag,” and announced their joining the Justice and Development Party, amid official ceremonies and honors.

According to the Turkish newspaper “Yeni Shafak”, 300 people who resigned from the “Victory” party joined the Justice and Development Party, in an atmosphere of celebration and welcome, as Numan Kurtulmus, Vice President of the Justice and Development Party presented badges and medals to the new party members.

These defections represent a major blow to the “Victory” party due to the loss of a large portion of its already few members, and their orientation to the opposite side, where “Victory” adopts a racist vision and promotes itself as “the protector of Ataturk’s secular principles” to win over the Turkish nationalists to his side, and a few days ago 25 members defected from the party. Victory and announced their joining the national movement within the coalition led by Erdogan.

In addition to Numan Kurtulmus, the head of the Istanbul state of the Justice and Development Party, Osman Nuri Kapaktebi, the former founding member of the Victory Party, Aisha Milda Topayai, and members of the former general administrative council of the party, Ozhan Yilmaz and Mutlu Er, delivered speeches on this occasion.

In his speech, Kurtulmus stressed the importance of the industries and services provided in Turkey during the last 21 years, considering it “the emergence of the dreams of the nation,” as Turkey completed its infrastructure with these works and has now reached the turning point through which it can start a new era, according to his description.

Kurtulmus said that the worst thing in politics is the lack of vision, and added: “Worse than the lack of a vision, is the absence of an ideal goal, idea, or idea,” referring to what has been achieved according to Vision 2023, or what the party called “the century of Turkey.”

Kurtulmus criticized opposition presidential candidate Kamal Kilicdaroglu’s talk about his Alevi sect to win over the Turkish street, and win its votes, noting that 99% of Turks are Muslims, regardless of their sect.

These days, there is a wide polarization of the electorate by the Turkish presidential candidates, and a strong competition between the public coalition led by the ruling party in Turkey, the Justice and Development Party, which also includes the National Movement Party, the Great Union Party, the New Welfare Party, and the Huda Bar Party; And the opposition people’s alliance or the so-called six-party table that includes the Republican People’s Party, the Good Party, the Future Party, the Happiness Party, the Progress and Democracy Party, and the Democratic Party.

Muharram Ince, Erdogan’s former rival in the 2018 elections, is also participating in the presidential elections, representing the “Balad Party”, and he joined the electoral race late in the “Ancestral Alliance” and is led by “Sinan Ogan”, which includes some small parties, including the “Victory” party headed by the “racist” Umit. Ozdag.

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