April 30, 2023

A Syrian refugee residing in Jordan met his 13-year-old daughter after a separation of more than 10 years, according to what the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) published on its Twitter account.

The committee published a video clip showing the moment the Syrian refugee “Turki” met his daughter “Hala” at Queen Alia International Airport, coming from Turkey with a team from the Turkish Red Crescent.

Reunited after 10 years

According to the Jordanian Ammon Agency, Hala’s father left her in Syria with her uncle, who died after a while, when she was 3 years old at the time. Later, she moved to Turkey with her stepmother, and kept in touch with her father in the hope of reuniting them.

She indicated that in 2019, Hala’s father, who lives with his mother in Mafraq Governorate, northeastern Jordan, contacted the International Committee of the Red Cross in Amman to help him reunite with his daughter.

Since then, the committee has started, in cooperation with the Jordanian Red Crescent, to communicate with the Turkish Red Crescent and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to reunite the father and his daughter.

Prostration of thanks

The father appeared in the video embracing his daughter with tears of joy and sadness, as he appeared in a picture performing a prostration of gratitude after reuniting with his daughter.

The International Committee of the Red Cross thanked everyone who helped fulfill Turki’s dream of meeting his daughter, including the Jordanian authorities, the Turkish and Jordanian Red Crescent, and the UNHCR in Turkey and Jordan.

She pointed out that the war in Syria has led to the separation of thousands of people from their loved ones, stressing that she will remain committed to providing support for family reunification whenever possible.

The number of Syrian refugees in Jordan is estimated at 1.3 million, including more than 676,000 refugees and asylum-seekers registered with the UNHCR, who constitute 88 percent of the total number of refugees in Jordan.

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