June 4, 2023

On Sunday, social media pioneers circulated a video clip that monitors the outbreak of a large fire at the Central Bank of Sudan branch in the capital, Khartoum.

While the Sudanese media reported the incident, no details were provided about the extent of the damage to the bank, according to what was stated on the (Sky News Arabia) website.

It is worth mentioning that the Central Bank of Sudan has 17 branches divided in the different states of Sudan.

The past few days witnessed theft, looting and breaking of a number of Sudanese banks, including a partial fire at the headquarters of the Sudanese-Jordanian Al-Jazira Bank, in addition to the theft of a number of Bank of Khartoum branches in several areas, the last of which is Bank of Khartoum, Soba branch.

The Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces are exchanging accusations of theft and looting of public and private headquarters, in light of the clashes that have taken place between the two parties since April 15, in addition to important sites such as hospitals and airports.

For several days, Sudan has been witnessing violent armed clashes and battles between the army forces led by Al-Burhan, and the Rapid Support Forces led by Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, “Hamdati”, which resulted in hundreds of deaths and thousands of injuries, including a large number of civilians.

The continuous battles between the army and the Rapid Support Forces prompted many countries to intensify their efforts to evacuate their nationals or members of diplomatic missions, by land, sea and air.

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