May 2, 2023

A young Syrian man residing in Istanbul opened fire with a gun he had on his girlfriend and then himself, causing their death, after she refused to talk to him.

In the details, the Turkish newspaper Yeni Chag reported that a Syrian killed a Turkish girl he was obsessed with with a gun, after she refused a request to meet him, in the Basaksehir district of Istanbul.

The Syrian went from his workplace to the house of the woman called “Ada Ozkul”, whom he loved, and invited her to speak, but he lost his temper when he did not receive any positive response from her.

And it was only from the young Syrian who worked in a sewing workshop that he shot Ozkul, and then shot himself, because of his anger at her rejection of him.

Upon hearing the shooting, people informed the police and medical teams who came to the scene and took Ozkul to the hospital.

The Syrian died after being hit in the head at the scene of the accident, while all medical attempts to save the 23-year-old girl failed, while the police teams continue to investigate the circumstances of the accident.

The incident received a wide interaction on social networking sites, where the largest segment of commentators rejected the suicide method as a means of dealing with it, as it is forbidden by Sharia, and is not considered a solution to the problems that people suffer from, while many attributed these cases to widespread ignorance and insecurity.

Suicides have increased significantly among Syrian youth in different regions of their presence over the past years and for various reasons. Economic and security pressures are mainly behind this phenomenon, especially among young people, in light of the lack of signs of the expected future for the Syrians.

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