May 3, 2023

With a stunning view of the Sea of ​​Marmara, the coast of the “Avcilar” region in the European part of Istanbul is one of the most beautiful coasts of the city.

The coast of Avcilar is characterized by natural gardens that extend along its length, which attracts visitors continuously to spend beautiful times, between walking, cycling, and so on.

The Sea of ​​Marmara, overlooked by Avcilar, has hundreds of thousands of fish species swimming in it, and is considered an important passage for commercial ships between continents.

The word “Avcilar” means “fishermen,” as the name is inspired by dozens of fishing boats that sail every day with their fishermen in search of livelihood, to bring out the delicious food from the sea and sell it to its customers in the fish restaurants scattered on the coast.

In Avcilar, there are green gardens, equipped with games for children, and equipment for adults to practice outdoor sports.

The Avcilar coast also contains docks for boats, in addition to being a destination for fishing enthusiasts.

The region began to grow and expand since 1980, and a rapid urbanization movement emerged in it, which is constantly expanding.

This coincided with an active and developed industrial movement in the vicinity of the “Avcilar” seaport.

The area is considered one of the best tourist areas in Istanbul, with a quiet social environment, and a central location in relation to its neighboring areas.

This region provides its residents and visitors with everything one needs in one place, including accommodation, shopping, entertainment, the sea, gardens, and entertainment.

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