June 3, 2023

Social media pioneers circulated a video clip documented by a nearby building camera, which showed the moment a vehicle driver deliberately ran over a person walking on the side of the road inside a residential neighborhood.

The scene was monitored by a vehicle driver slowing down seconds before he ran over the man, who was walking beside an uncrowded road, in broad daylight.

The driver ran him over with the car and caused him to fall to the ground, and ran over the man again, causing him to crash into a wall behind him and almost losing his life.

It was not clear the cause and motives of the incident and the reasons that made the driver deliberately run over the citizen in broad daylight.

The participants in the clip called on the competent authorities to intervene and reveal the circumstances of the accident, explain the cause of the run-over incident, and take the necessary action against the person responsible for the accident.

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