May 7, 2023

Having a cup of coffee or tea after breaking the fast during the month of Ramadan is one of the most important habits that millions are keen on, wanting to get doses of caffeine after a hard day of fasting.

And this habit is one of the most harmful habits to your health, according to a report published in the Times website that revealed the dangers of consuming caffeine drinks after eating breakfast in Ramadan.

The dangers of consuming tea after breakfast in Ramadan lie in the fact that it contains phenolic compounds that absorb iron in the stomach, so it may lead to an increase in complications for anemia patients.

Experts advised to drink a cup of tea two hours after eating breakfast in Ramadan, so that it does not interfere with the process of absorbing the nutrients you need for your diet.

You can also replace black tea with green tea or any other flavors of it because it improves digestion and does not affect iron levels in your body.

Eating a cup of tea after breakfast may cause you many harms, such as cardiovascular disorders and high blood pressure.

It is also recommended to have a cup of coffee two hours after breakfast, because it contains a high percentage of caffeine, which may lead to secretion of juices in the stomach and flatulence.

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