June 8, 2023

The head of the Protection Department at the Turkish Immigration Department, Ahmed Bakoura, announced to the Syrian Committee a number of decisions concerned with the Syrians in Turkey who hold the “temporary protection” card.

According to what the “Syrian-Turkish Joint Committee” published on its Facebook page today, Friday, the Turkish side in the committee is working to solve the problem of Syrians whose temporary protection cards were suspended after they left for Edirne.

The Turkish side affirmed that it is “keen to address the dilemma of Syrian children who do not have temporary protection cards due to the absence of parents,” stressing the need for children to enroll in schools.

Commenting on this, the Communications Director of the Syrian-Turkish Joint Committee, Enass Al-Najjar, told Orient Net today: There is no specific number of cases whose residencies have been suspended, explaining that the decision to suspend residencies came in order to avoid errors that occurred in the past related to the migration of Syrians to Europe without canceling their restrictions in Turkish Immigration Service.

According to al-Najjar, dealing with the problem is completely similar to what it is in the case of the returnees from Edirne. Some of them have had their residencies activated by the Immigration Department, and others have contacted us and are in the process of reactivating their residencies.

Regarding granting children temporary protection cards, the committee’s communications director confirmed that there are no specific conditions that require temporary protection cards for Syrian children, but each case is dealt with separately from others.

Al-Najjar stressed that the families of the children should report to the Immigration Department and submit the necessary papers and documents to facilitate their obtaining kimlik, noting that the matter is “very sensitive.”

For its part, the Turkish delegation promised, during a meeting held by the joint Syrian-Turkish committee in Ankara last Wednesday, to resolve family reunification problems resulting from the closures caused by the Corona virus, the closure of crossings in the face of critical humanitarian cases, and facilitating the issuance of travel permission for the elderly.

Regarding the correction of the information contained in the temporary protection card, the Turkish delegation indicated that there is a decision that an error of up to three letters in the name is corrected immediately upon submission of information, and an error of more than three letters requires a court decision.

For its part, the Syrian side presented a proposal to grant humanitarian residency to active persons such as journalists, association workers and merchants for ease of movement within Turkey without the need for a travel permit.

The meeting comes a few days after the decision of the “Turkish Immigration Department,” in which it specified the conditions for obtaining humanitarian residency for Syrians present on its territory and holders of tourist residency for those whose passport has expired and who cannot go to the Syrian consulate in Istanbul.

A Syrian civil society organization official, Dr. Mahdi Daoud, explained earlier that the application to obtain humanitarian residency is done directly from the immigration department in the Turkish state and not according to an electronic appointment.

Source: Orient

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