May 9, 2023

The opposition Turkish presidential candidate and head of the Republican People’s Party, Kamal Kilicdaroglu, confirmed during his meeting with a German newspaper that he will change the constitution and enact a political moral law, and said that he has a lot to deal with.

He stressed that he would fully implement all the democratic standards of the European Union without waiting, conditional or procrastinating.

“We will fulfill all the wishes of the European Union,” Kilicdaroglu said, according to the news site.

He also continued, “It is a great honor to be like German Prime Minister Olaf Scholz.”

Emphasizing that he is an anti-colonial, Kilicdaroglu said: “Turkey will always be a proud member of the West, in all international institutions, Turkey is part of the Western ranks and will continue to act in this way.

And he continued: “The government that we will establish will bring us closer to our Western allies politically, economically, socially and culturally.” He assured that he would again obey the West unconditionally.

He said, “Our victory in the elections on May 14 will also restore Turkey’s orientation towards the West. This orientation is a reflection of an ideal for Turkey, where democracy, the rule of law, human rights and equality exist.”

Kilicdaroglu also indicated that Türkiye will put aside independent understanding in foreign policy.

Confirming his promise of freedom to Selahattin Demirtas and Osman Kavala, Kilicdaroglu complained to the Germans about the legal system in Turkey.

Kilicdaroglu said that the European Court of Human Rights had issued its decision on this case and that the two names should be released.

He stressed that the opposition bloc met to fight for the introduction of all the democratic standards stipulated by the European Union.

He claimed that the opposition coalition was “silenced” and said, “We will show the possibility of a peaceful change of administration through elections, even under the current unfair and authoritarian conditions in which the ruling party is governed, which exerts constant pressure to silence the opposition.”

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