May 11, 2023

Dr. Natalia Sechova, gastroenterologist, Russian nutrition expert, revealed the most beneficial parts of chicken, as well as the part that is best not to eat.

And the expert indicated in an interview with Radio “Sputnik” that the white meat of chicken contains the lowest percentage of fat, so most experts consider the chicken breast the most beneficial part of the chicken for health. But nutrition should be varied, so you should not abstain from eating thigh and leg meat.

She says: “Thigh and leg meat can be eaten, but I recommend eating it at lunch and brisket at dinner. Because the thigh and leg meat is close to red meat, and this contains a good proportion of saturated fats that we use in the diet in a limited way.

According to her, chicken skin contains the largest amount of saturated fat, so it is better to exclude it from the diet.

She says: “Many give up red meat and eat poultry instead. But at the same time, they eat thigh meat, leg and wings with the skin in poultry, and it actually contains a high percentage of fat equivalent to that found in fatty red meat, and this includes breast meat with the skin as well.

And the doctor advises to cook the chicken without forming a crispy pink crust.

“This crunchy pink crust is a product of the gluten,” she says. This crust stimulates the process of adhesion of collagen fibers and can be said to lead to the aging of blood vessels and skin.”

According to her, it is most beneficial for health to eat boiled or steamed poultry meat. Chicken can also be grilled, but without the pink crust appearing.
The doctor recommends not to eat chicken daily, but it is better to eat other types of meat and fish.

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