May 11, 2023

Saudi law stipulates that the husband has the right to return his dowry if there are legitimate legal reasons for the dissolution of the marriage contract. It is necessary for the husband to prove the legitimate reasons for the request. Saudi law also stipulates that the husband must submit an official complaint to the competent authorities in the event that a member of the wife’s family causes the marital relationship to be spoiled.

It also states that the necessary evidence must be presented to support any claim made in court. The husband should be ready to prove that his request is legitimate and based on legitimate reasons.

As for the request to imprison his sister-in-law, this request requires strong evidence that she committed a crime. This evidence must be presented to the court.

In general, Saudi law stipulates that every citizen has the right to resort to the courts to resolve legal disputes, and the courts must consider cases fairly and in accordance with the law. This requires the provision of evidence to support the claims being made.

A Saudi citizen filed a lawsuit against his wife and her family, demanding the return of her dowry of 65,000 Saudi riyals, and the imprisonment of her sister.

It is worth noting that the lawsuit was filed after it was discovered that he had married his supposed wife’s sister.

It is also mentioned that the groom got engaged to a girl from one of the tribes in Saudi Arabia, in which it is customary for the suitor not to see the face of his fiancée throughout the engagement period, so the young man decided to seek the help of his mother to propose to one of the girls.

And the groom’s mother narrates what happened, saying: Because the mother did not know the girl’s family, the family presented their married eldest girl, who has high aesthetic characteristics, to the mother, as the bride…

As soon as the mother saw her, she wished her for her young son.

The wedding took place after the groom gave her a dowry estimated at 65,000 Saudi riyals, and when the clerk of the marriage contract came, the eldest girl signed her acceptance of the marriage, and after a whole week had passed, the husband and his mother discovered that his wife was only the sister of the girl she saw and who signed the contract Marriage too.

After discovering the girl’s family’s game, the husband wanted to return it to them, but they refused to receive it, especially since she had stayed with him for 7 days, in addition to the fact that the eldest girl, whom his mother had seen, was married and had children.

The groom’s lawyer commented on the matter that he expected the judge to order the annulment of the marriage, because it was based on falsehood and fraud, referring to the psychological pain that the bride suffered from, especially since her marriage had only been a week since her marriage.

We will also talk about a strange story from Saudi Arabia, four brothers who marry one woman

At a time when Saudi girls in the prime of their lives suffer from the difficulty of obtaining a groom, and also at a time when the divorced or widowed Saudi woman suffers from a scarcity of men who wish to marry her, which makes them forced, after the train of life advances them, to cling to the last of its carriages and accept any marriage proposal. It is presented to them, which often does not go beyond misyar marriage.

In all these times, Firdaws’s story with marriage is considered an exceptional case, as once she ends her marital life, either due to her husband’s death or her divorce from him, she becomes related to another husband, and this is not only what makes Firdaws’s story with marriage an exceptional case, but what made it an exception is that all The marriage relationships she went through were with siblings!

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