May 11, 2023

The management of the Syrian Associations Platform met with the Director of the Immigration Department in Istanbul, Recep Batu, and discussed with him points of interest to the Syrian community in the city.

Al-Manbar said in a press statement it posted on its Facebook page that the meeting brought together the Chairman of the Board, Aisha Al-Dibs, Vice-Chairman Basil Helm, Chairman of the Turkish Relations Committee, Muhammad Aktaa and Badr Al-Khatib, a member of the Turkish Relations Committee.

The meeting focused on how to speed up work to solve the problems that the Syrian community suffers from in the city, in order to reduce the suffering in legal and other matters experienced by the Syrians.

He pointed out that the meeting focused on humanitarian residency files and all the details related to them, in addition to lists of old data that the platform updated its information during the last period and sent it to the Immigration Department to work to meet the needs of its owners.

The meeting also discussed the link for updating the private data sent from the platform and related to its work in the (Kum-Cabih) division, in addition to the invalidated property and the importance of working on it by the competent Turkish authorities, which is a demand of many Syrians.

Al-Manbeer administration said that it was keen during the meeting to emphasize the importance of speeding up finding urgent solutions to complex problems, and explained the difficulties that many Syrians have been suffering from for a long time, which are due to many reasons, including the delay in effective decisions from the Turkish authorities, the difficulty of obtaining appointments via the Internet or the portals of official institutions, and the length Waiting and other burdens and difficulties that come to the platform through incoming and ongoing complaints.

She indicated that during the coming period, she will share information of interest to all Syrians in Turkey through a series of instructions and directives that are received from the concerned Turkish authorities.

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