May 11, 2023

The Window Girl series, episode 3, a new dramatic experience that is exciting for suspense with serial events that make the viewer harmonize and live inside those events without realizing the time. and gambling.

There will be many attempts to improve that marital relationship, and the series will carry many surprises that turn the scales upside down. The first episode of the series, “Girl Al Nafatha” was shown on some platforms and websites, so that the viewer finds enthusiasm that pushes him to attract and follow this series without feeling bored.

The Window Girl, the first episode, is subtitled through a love story, as attention turns to the third episode of the new Turkish series, which is scheduled to be shown in the coming hours on Turkish screens, and a day later on Arabic screens, with subtitles and dubbing, which will be shown in 150 Arab and European countries.

The series is the fourth work of the same writer, as three of the most powerful dramas are currently being shown to her, namely “The House Where Your Destiny Was Born”, “The Innocent Apartment” and “The Red Room”, all of which are social and psychological dramas that are very popular with the Arab and Turkish viewers. According to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed newspaper.

Watch the rest of the episodes and the latest Turkish drama news click here

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