May 11, 2023

The spring season in Istanbul and its greenery and flowers attract a large number of tourists and visitors, which makes the city’s streets and squares crowded in a way that reflects its beauty in this season, and the interest of visitors throughout the year.

Thousands of visitors and tourists flock every day to the central “Sultanahmet” area in Istanbul, and its oldest neighborhood, to enjoy its ancient squares and buildings and spend a historical journey between civilizations.

Visitors line up in long lines in front of museums and important buildings, including the “Hagia Sophia” mosque and the “Topkapi Saray” museum, the seat of the Ottoman sultans for centuries, as well as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque and the rest of the other museums.

Istanbul set a record for the number of foreign tourists coming to it during the first three months of 2023, according to a statement issued by the city’s Directorate of Culture and Tourism.

And visited the city 3 million and 480 thousand and 630 people in the first three months of this year, while the number of foreign tourists last March reached one million and 206 thousand and 770 tourists.

Long lines

The “Hagia Sophia” and “Sultan Ahmed” mosques are among the most prominent landmarks of the historic Sultanahmet area, as they are located adjacent to it, showing the greatness and nobility of Istanbul as a historical crossing of countries and civilizations, reflecting the identity of the city imbued with both antiquity and modernity.

Given the high demand in the region, entering the collectors requires standing for a long time in lines in front of their doors, especially the Hagia Sophia Mosque, which has been receiving great attention since it was restored as a place of worship more than two years ago, after it had been a museum for decades.

Long lines line up for visitors of different ages, races and nationalities, including foreign tourists and citizens from all over Turkey.

A remarkable turnout for the tourist areas and gardens in the spring of Istanbul

Muslim visitors and tourists are keen to enter the Hagia Sophia Mosque for the sake of worship and prayer, while the rest of the tourists of all walks of life aim to visit the place as an important historical landmark, due to the high demand for it.

On July 24, 2020, Friday prayers were held in the Hagia Sophia Grand Mosque, for the first time 86 years after it was converted into a museum in 1934. Before that, it was a mosque for 481 years, which made the mosque one of the most important architectural monuments in the Middle East, which provides a vivid example of Great civilizations followed it, from Roman to Ottoman.

kiss tourists

The Sultanahmet region is the destination of the people of the city, the destination of all Turks, and the first destination for every tourist, as it takes everyone of different ages, races and religions on a journey through history, in which they get to know closely the civilizations that the region is still witness to.

The region is located on one of the seven hills of Istanbul, which witnessed ancient civilizations and countries, and bears traces of 3 empires that mixed civilization, history and architecture, making it a center for the convergence of cultures, civilizations and religions.

Sultan Ahmed Square is one of the oldest squares, dating back to the second century AD, as it was established at the time of the Roman Empire to host horse races, in addition to musical and dance celebrations, and other social and cultural events.

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque was built in the form of a college that includes a school, an institute, a market, a clinic and a cemetery. It is the only mosque in Istanbul that contains 6 lighthouses.

It is called the Blue Mosque. Because its internal walls are covered with ceramic tiles colored in dark and light blue, and its dome is 33.6 meters in diameter, 43 meters high, and it is famous for its distinctive architecture, as it is considered one of the most important and largest mosques in the Islamic world.

Spring in Istanbul

With the advent of spring and the opening of roses and flowers, the volume of demand for the region increases, and with the warm weather, the curiosity of tourists to discover the region increases, which makes the queues extend without end and zigzag remarkably.

Once in the city, everyone notices how the squares and streets of Istanbul are crowded with tourists in an unprecedented way, as the city enchants its lovers in all seasons.

The spring of Istanbul is characterized by the overlapping of colors between the blue of the sea, the greenery of the gardens, and the diversity of colors of roses and flowers, which forms a picturesque natural painting that attracts the attention of tourists.

Istanbul enjoys an endless attraction in all seasons, making it a destination for tourists and those who are fond of picturesque nature from different parts of the world, where forests, waters, fragrant history and the succession of civilizations.

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