May 12, 2023

Today, Friday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan inaugurated a new mosque in Istanbul bearing the name of a great Ottoman leader, Hayreddin Barbaros Pasha.

In July 2020, Erdogan laid the foundation stone for the great architectural edifice, in the “Levent” district of the Besiktas district of Istanbul.

The construction of the mosque took two years and 10 months, and it is considered the largest in the “Levent” region, as it was built with a unique Ottoman architectural style and on a total area of ​​​​18 thousand square meters, while the area of ​​​​the closed section of it is 7 thousand square meters, and it can accommodate 20 thousand A prayer hall, 4 minarets rise around it, and its dome is 25 meters in diameter, which is designed to resemble a ship’s rudder.

The 16-meter-high mihrab of the mosque was made by merging 80,000 pieces of ceramic using a technique that had not been used since the fifteenth century AD, in addition to paying attention to making the dome and glass in a unique architectural way.


The new mosque is distinguished by many other features, including: embroideries, marine motifs, and many architectural elements of a marine nature.

Also, 99 lanterns were deliberately placed in the chandelier under the main dome of the mosque, which is the number of the names of God.

In the domes of the mosque, verses 30 and 32 of Surat Ibrahim, 41 and 42 of Surat Yasin were written, and in the middle of the belt, Surat Al-Rahman in its entirety was written.


The Khair al-Din Barbaros Pasha Mosque complex includes a closed car park, social facilities, and a cultural center.

The mosque also includes a nursery for children between 4 and 6 years old.

It is noteworthy that Khair al-Din Barbaros Pasha was the first commander of the Ottoman fleet, and he is still ranked today among the most prominent naval commanders, and those who contributed to the establishment of the Ottoman Empire.

Barbarossa’s fame comes when he and his brother Aruj imposed control over the Mediterranean, following the victories they achieved in Spain, Genoa (currently southern Italy), and France.

The “Levent” area was chosen to build the mosque, as it was the training ground for the soldiers of Commander Barbaros, and it was also one of the corridors that the commander used to take with his soldiers.

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