May 13, 2023

Istanbul Airport won the “5-star airport” award, according to the classification of the international “Skytrax” organization, which specializes in the classification and evaluation of airlines and airports, based in London.

A statement issued by the operating company of Istanbul Airport, İGA, stated, on Saturday, that Istanbul Airport ranks eighth in the list of “best airports in the world.”

The statement indicated that the airport won awards for “the best family-friendly international airport in the world,” “the airport that offers the best shopping experience in the world,” and “the best airport in southern Europe,” in addition to the “5-star airport.”

The award ceremony was held in Paris last Thursday, with the participation of the company’s Deputy General Manager for Digital Services and Trade, Ersin Inan Cole, according to the statement.

Speaking at the ceremony, Inan Kul said, they continue to represent Turkey in the international arena.

He added, “Although we are still a very young organization, the quality of service we provide to our passengers has been certified for the second time by an important airline organization around the world such as Skytrax.”

The CEO of “Skytrax”, Edward Plaisted, congratulated the management of Istanbul Airport for winning important awards, according to the statement. He stressed that the airport, by winning important awards, continues to receive praise.

It is noteworthy that Istanbul Airport won the “5-star airport” award for the first time in 2020.

On October 29, 2018, President Erdogan inaugurated the first phase of Istanbul Airport, which was built on an area of ​​76.5 million square meters, with the participation of more than 50 high-ranking guests from around the world.

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