May 13, 2023

Within the framework of drama and romance, the series House of Papers, episode 1, deals with the story of Cihan Fertina, whose role is embodied by the Turkish actor Erdal Becicioglu, a professor of criminal law and an expert in crime scene examination, in addition to the Turkish actress Nur Fatahoglu, who will play the role of his wife, the successful lawyer Eileen Fertina.

House of Cards series episode 1

The events take place in a mysterious and exciting dramatic framework around the hero Ardal Besikchi Oglu, who plays a new role and is a criminal law expert who uncovers many crimes. This series is considered a favorite dramatic experience for many lovers of mystery and action. And many exciting surprises while watching the series.

We find that the couple have 3 children who live as a wonderful and ideal family, but that ideal life will collapse due to misunderstanding, and some viewers have expected that the reason for the dispute between them is an issue that makes the couple stand in front of each other, which affects their lives, but the truth has not been revealed yet!

Cast and heroes of the series House of Paper

The series includes a large group of Turkish drama stars, including:

  • Nur Fettahoglu
  • Erdal Becicioglu
  • Tofana Torquay
  • Bulent Gul Tekin
  • Jan Narges
  • Helen Kinder

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