May 13, 2023

The audience of the Turkish series “Kingfisher” is eagerly awaiting episode 32, which will decide the fate of the relationship of the two heroes, Farid (Mart Ramadan Demir) and Siran (Afra Saraçoglu), whether through divorce or reversal of the decision. Despite the high viewership, the series is facing a wave of anger and criticism from the audience due to the slow pace of events and the oscillation of the two heroes’ relationship, especially after their separation and Farid’s request to marry his ex-girlfriend, Belen.

The date of the series, Kingfisher Bird, episode 32, with subtitles

The events of the Kingfisher series flared up during its last episodes, as divorce proceedings began between Farid and Siran amid many exciting and interesting events that you can follow on the Turkish Star TV channel, which is showing episode 32 of the Kingfisher series next Friday at eight o’clock in the evening, Egyptian time. Arabia and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the Star TV channel shows one episode of the Kingfisher series on Friday of every week, where the events of episode 32 of the Kingfisher series and many modern Turkish series were followed on the frequency of the Turkish Star tv channel.

Kingfisher series heroes

The article talks about the Kingfisher series, which revolves around the marriage of a young man and a girl in a traditional way, but the young man spoils the values ​​of the family in which he was raised. The main characters in the work are Mert Ramadan Demir, Afra Sarac Oglu, Gülchen Santerje Oglu, Buche Pius Kahraman, Chetin Tekindor, Guzdi Kansu, Ersin Arisi and Emre. Altj and Dokan Polat

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