May 15, 2023

A number of residents in Turkey, and some holders of temporary protection cards, which are granted by the Turkish Immigration Department, were prevented from conducting some legal transactions, but their residence information was not updated.

The data system in the Turkish population deletes the address information, after a specified period of time, so that the concerned person can update his data.

In the absence of address information in the data system, the holder of the temporary protection card (Kimlik), or Turkish residence or identity document, will not be able to conduct transactions in government institutions or banks.

How do I update the address data?

The process of updating the data can be done by visiting the Population Directorate of the residence area, requesting data entry, or checking the data in the Directorate’s data system.
The Civil Service Department provides the service of booking an appointment to update the data via the number 199.

The civil servant will ask the auditor for an official document proving his address, which could be an invoice, in addition to a personal identification document bearing the national number (.TC).

If the person moves into the residence at a new address, and the system shows the presence of other people in the house, the employee may request to call the homeowner, or one of the registrants within that address, to verify the data.

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After that, the employee will be given a paper showing all the residents of the address, and he will ask the references to sign it, then he will give him the bottom part of it, to confirm his address with the mukhtar of his area, and he must submit the new address document to the Immigration Department.

It is also possible to obtain a residence address document through the “Digital State” website (E-devlet).

The user can open his own account in “E-devlet” and then search for “Yerleşim Yeri İkametgah”, and the site will automatically go to the “Nüfus Müdürlüğü Directorate of Populations” page, and the user will press “Devam et”, after reading the terms of use.

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