May 16, 2023

The Egyptian writer and specialist in Israeli affairs, Mahmoud Mohie, revealed a surprise about the establishment of a state for the Jews in Palestine, and Europe’s relationship with the matter.

The Egyptian writer said in statements to RT: “Those who believe that the establishment of the Zionist entity for its state on the ruins of the dear land of Palestine in 1948 AD, which was known as the Nakba, was a purely “Zionist” idea embraced by some followers of the Jewish religion since it was officially announced for the first time in 1896 AD in a book. The “Jewish State” of the extremist Hungarian Jewish journalist “Theodor Herzl” was a purely European idea dating back to the eighteenth century AD, with the aim of spreading the influence of the European occupier in the Middle East.

He continued: “Many of the Arab peoples do not realize that the idea of ​​establishing a national home for the Jews on the land of Palestine began since the campaigns of the French Napoleon Bonaparte to the Arab region, as he is the first European leader to realize the political benefit for Europe from presenting Palestine to the Jews of Europe to gain their support financially and militarily, in 1799 A French newspaper published news stating that Bonaparte had published a letter in which he urged the Jews of Europe, Asia and Africa to join him in his military campaign against Palestine in exchange for the establishment of ancient Jerusalem for them.

He pointed out that despite the defeat of Napoleon on the walls of the city of Acre, the idea of ​​establishing this alleged homeland for the Jews remained with European leaders to gain benefits from it. Britain was inspired by the idea at the beginning of the nineteenth century AD in response to the attempts of Muhammad Ali Pasha, the governor of Egypt, to unify Egypt and Syria. And the establishment of an empire competing with the great powers. In 1840 AD, the British Foreign Minister Palmerston sent to his ambassador in the capital of the Ottoman Empire in Istanbul a message urging him to address the Ottoman Sultan and convince him that the English government believes that the time has become appropriate to open Palestine to the immigration of Jews from Europe and all countries of the world.

During that period, the great French Jewish merchant Edmond James de Rothschild, who died in 1845 AD, was one of the largest financiers of the new Zionist colonies in Palestine, as he alone financed more than 30 settlements at a cost of more than 14 million French francs at that time, and the number of Jews in Palestine was not at that time. More than 3000 Jews.

In the year 1885 A.D., 63 years before the “Nakba”, the Zionist flag that is now known (with a white background and on it two blue lines with a blue Star of David in the middle) appeared for the first time in history in the Jewish settlement of “Rishon Letzion” in Palestine, and in the same year it appeared for the first time The name “Zionist Movement” is public, as it was used by the Austrian writer Natan Bernabom, in his article to refer to the movement that aims to establish a homeland for the Jews in Palestine, where the name of the movement is derived from Mount Zion in occupied Jerusalem.

It is worth noting that during this period there was a Jewish community living in Palestine and a number of Arab countries under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, but they were analyst Jews who did not embrace the “Zionist idea”. Local Jews, which contributed to strengthening the alleged homeland for the Jews in Palestine at the end of the nineteenth century AD.

In 1986 A.D., the book “The Jewish State” by the Hungarian Jewish Zionist writer “Theodore Herzl” appeared for the first time in German, in which he laid the practical foundations for the huge Zionist project, where he called on the Jews to unite to build the new homeland and exert every effort to achieve it, and after that he called for the First Zionist Congress In the famous “Basel”, then he headed the “World Zionist Organization” emanating from this conference in 1904 AD. emanating from the leaders of Europe for the sake of their political interests in the Arab region.

Since 1904 AD, the same year in which Herzl headed the Zionist Organization, actual planning began for the displacement of the Jews of Eastern Europe and Russia to Palestine. Jewish immigration to Palestine.

Jewish immigration continued to flow into the precious land of Palestine until the ominous promise of the British Zionist to establish a national home for the Jews appeared in November 1917, by the British Zionist and UK Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour, when he sent a letter to Lord Lionel de Rothschild One of the highlights of the British Jewish community, for transmission to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland, published in the British press on 9 November 1917.

Britain aimed to plant the Zionist state in the heart of the Arab world to destabilize it and strike the Ottoman states from the income that began to weaken at that time and to extend its influence more in it and also to get rid of the European Jews who were forming a geopolitical dilemma in Europe, which was recognized by Herzl himself in his famous book “ The Jewish state” where he indicated that the Jews in Europe are hated and that they should take advantage of this hatred to convince the leaders of the old continent to help them establish a national home for them in Palestine and to displace the Jews from Europe to Palestine in order to get rid of their problems.

“Balfour himself, who encouraged Jewish immigration to Palestine, is the most anti-Jewish European among Europeans. He was even the owner of the “Alien Law” that prevents Jews from entering England, and in a strange historical paradox, the one who rejected the Balfour Declaration was the Jewish minister in the Balfour government, “Montegues.”

Thus, the Zionist movement used European racial theories to justify the exodus of rejected European Jews from Europe to Palestine.

To this day, the Arab world continues to pay the price for Europe’s colonial policies and its exploitative ideas of planting this Zionist cancer in the midst of its lands.

Source: RT

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