May 17, 2023

The General Directorate of Public Security issued a statement in which it said: “The General Directorate of General Security announces that its regional centers will stop receiving requests to regularize the status of Syrian nationals entering Lebanon illegally, in order to make way for them to settle their status directly upon their voluntary departure through the border departments and posts. Without issuing notifications of entry ban against them to Lebanon, until 06/15/2023, so that they can re-enter again legally and in accordance with the rules.

He added, “As for the Syrians who entered Lebanon legally, and violated the residency system, they can apply to the regional centers of the General Security to settle their situation within the specified conditions, and according to the facilities recently announced by the Directorate, until 06/30/2023.”

And he continued, “In this context, the General Directorate of Public Security stresses on Syrian nationals the necessity of adhering to the residency system in Lebanon with all its provisions, and the legal requirement will be taken against violators after the two dates specified above.”

According to the statement, “On the other hand, it was found through the investigations and investigations carried out by the concerned agencies in the Directorate, that some citizens are organizing “sham” undertakings of responsibility for Syrians who do not exist with them or work for them, and then they apply from the regional centers to complete their residency, in When these people work for others, or at their own expense, or invest in shops and commercial establishments without adhering to the content of the pledge, and contrary to the laws and regulations in force.

And he concluded, “The General Directorate of Public Security calls on citizens to abide by the laws, especially the labor law and the residence system, and not to cause chaos in the labor market in these difficult circumstances that require protecting the Lebanese labor force from illegal competition, under penalty of legal prosecution, and to take legal action.” Precautionary administrative measures against them and its institutions.”

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