May 17, 2023

With the start of the summer season and the influx of tourists into the Turkish city of Istanbul, the prices of Istanbul hotels, the historical city and capital of Turkish tourism, continue to soar high, until the price per night in 3-star hotels reached 100 euros.

During the past four months, Istanbul hosted nearly 4 million tourists, an increase of 135% over the same period last year.

During the current month of June, Istanbul witnessed a doubling of room rates, especially in areas such as Taksim and Sultanahmet, in which some of its hotels closed the door to reservations due to their fullness throughout the summer.

Turkey Hotel Owners Association (TÜROB) Chairman Mubra Ersin stated that the industry is starting to erase the effects of the pandemic, and said: “The number of tourists coming to Istanbul in the first four months increased by 135% compared to the same period.

The same period last year witnessed the city receiving 3,882,000 people, at a rate of approximately 35% of the number of tourists who visited the city before the Corona epidemic in 2019.

Ersin confirmed that they are living a busy summer vacation period in Istanbul hotels, and pointed out that occupancy rates reached 85-90% in the Beyoglu, Besiktas and Fatih regions.

Pointing out that Istanbul is the focal point for tourists in terms of culture, art and history, Ersin continued, “We have also noticed a serious movement in shopping and health tourism recently.”

An essential destination for tourists

Istanbul, according to Ersin, was one of the leading destinations in the world in marine tourism and conferences, and there is an upward trend in this region again, in addition to that many people around the world say “we miss Istanbul”, and from this standpoint Istanbul has become one of the 3 most important tourist centers In the world”.

For his part, Onur Yazigi, the general manager of Taksim Avangard Hotel, stated that the season last November exceeded 90%, and said: “We achieved a record in 2019, which is a record year in tourism, but we will surpass it in the summer, indicating that The current season may extend until the end of next November.

The owner of the Sultanahmet Albatros Premier Hotel, Nevzat Kicek, said that the hotels in the area are full, and it has become impossible to find a place.

Kicek explained: “This high demand has also led to an increase in prices. Currently, the price of a room per night, even in three-star hotels, is more than 100 euros. Our hotels are full all year round; We even succeeded in buying two hotels in the region, because of what we gained from the winter season, which we hope to achieve during the current season.”

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