May 17, 2023

Registration ends for training cooking courses in Turkey, on the 25th of October, organized by the United Nations World Food Program, within the framework of the “Kitchen of Hope” project.

Turkish and Syrian citizens subject to the temporary protection regime, between the ages of 18 and 45, males and females, who do not practice any work, can submit applications for enrollment in training through this link.

The “Kitchen of Hope” project (MUV) aims to promote self-reliance for Turkish citizens without a job and Syrians under temporary protection, and increase job opportunities.

The project, which will start on November 15, also aims to provide participants with skills that will increase job opportunities in the gastronomy sector, according to what was published by the Turkish “Refugee Association” (Mülteciler Derneği) on its official website.

The full training period is six months, as the project, in cooperation with the Turkish Ministry of Education, will organize cooking training in some vocational and technical high schools for a period of three months.

After completing the vocational courses in schools, the project will organize practical training in cafes, restaurants or hotels through the “Turkish Employment Establishment” (İŞKUR) for a period of three months.

348 male and female Turkish and Syrian trainees who are under temporary protection graduated from the culinary training project in its previous courses, according to the Turkish newspaper “Hürriyet”.

Three million and 626 thousand 734 Syrian refugees reside in Turkey according to the temporary protection card (Kimlik), according to the statistics of the General Directorate of the Turkish Immigration Department for the year 2020.

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