May 22, 2023

Salt and Samra is one of the Kuwaiti Gulf series that is shown on mbc1 channel, and the events of the series revolve around the life of a fiftieth woman embodied by the artist Hoda Hussein, and the series was scheduled to be shown during the month of Ramadan 2023.

The show of the series Salt and Samra, episode 1, of the first episode, by the Iraqi artist, Hoda Hussein, began on Sunday, April 30, 2023, and the mbc1 channel showed the series, Salt and Samra, episode 12, by the artist, Hoda Hussein, and the new series, Hoda Hussein, topped the search engines on Google, and the search increased on its dates and the second episode.

Showing the series Salt and Samra on mbc

The series Salt and Samra Al Khaliji is shown on the mbc channel and the Shahid platform every day, except for Friday and Saturday, at exactly 6:00 pm Saudi time.

The heroes of the Salt and Samra series and the team


Hoda Hussein – Jamal Al-Radahan – Sahar Hussein – Fatima Al-Safi – Abdullah Al-Tarawah – Mashari Al-Mujibel – Nof Al-Sultan – Abdullah Al-Boushi – Souad Al-Husseini – Farah Al-Mahdi – Munira Muhammad – Abdullah Sweid – Salwa Bakhit – Fatima Al-Basiri – Mishaal Al-Mujibel – Abbas Khulaifi – Muhammad Al-Jalwani.

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