May 17, 2023

It should be noted that many people resort largely these days to watching the dramatic events in the last summer series, episode 17, subtitled on the story of love, which won the admiration of millions of people who are fans of exclusive Turkish drama.

The last summer series, episode 17

The last summer series takes place within the framework of action and drama, as the series tells the story of the intersection of the paths of the ideal representative, Selim Kara, and Akgün, the reckless young man who unexpectedly grew up in the world of crime. On the one hand, his marriage and his family, which are slipping from his hand, and on the other hand, the scourge of the head Akgün, who promised to protect his life, ends another summer in the Aegean Sea, but for Selim and Akgün, it is the last summer before the storm that will turn everything around.

Akgün and Immersed in the events of The Last Summer series are trying to get used to the new situation after their separation, but both of them are struggling. While Akgün follows the story behind the photo he received and first convinces Selim to meet his father, Selçuk Taşkin’s reaction to the photo will be very harsh. Then the suspicion of Akgün increases.

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