May 19, 2023

Istanbul airport codes

  1. Istanbul Ataturk Airport (IST)
  2. Istanbul Sabiha Airport (SAW)
  3. Istanbul New Airport (ISL)

Where is the new Istanbul airport located?

• The new Istanbul Airport is located in Arnavutkoy, on the European side of Istanbul, within an area of ​​forests and natural reserves. The area of ​​the airport is estimated at 76.5 million square meters, and the area of ​​the main building of the airport is 1,300,000 square meters, making it the largest airport in the world.

• The new Istanbul airport will be located in the region along the Black Sea coast. The airport was built on the Çatlıca intersection of Gokturk Arnavutkoy and close to Lake Terkos. The location of the airport is very ideal and the distance between the new airport and Ataturk Airport is 35 km, which will be at the bridge connection point where you will arrive. To the most convenient way from the city of Istanbul.

• In the first phase of its construction, the airport will serve 90 million passengers, as this number will reach nearly 200 million passengers with the completion of construction.

The most important features of the new Istanbul airport

• The airport will provide employment opportunities for about 225 thousand citizens.

• The airport is the largest in the world, in addition to that it contains more than 300 flight points, 250 of which are international flight points.

• The airport has a parking garage that can accommodate about 40,000 cars at the same time.

• The airport is characterized as the most secure airport in the world, as it was surrounded by security radar systems in addition to very advanced surveillance systems and cameras, as well as internal security devices that are characterized by fixing and identifying explosives before they are detonated.

• Planes will be able to head towards the runway at the same moment, while the airport contains 143 pedestrian bridges and 655 between walkways, electronic stairs and elevators.

• The airport will secure, through flights that will take 3 hours to travel to approximately 41 countries, and through flights that will take 5 hours, to travel to 66 countries around the world.

• The airport includes game centers for children, as well as conference halls, health centers, places of worship, and a hotel with 451 rooms.

• A new metro line will be opened connecting the new airport with the Halkalı metro, passing through the Kayaşehir – Başakşehir metro, covering a distance of 34 km.

• The importance of the geographical location of Istanbul throughout history, as Turkey has become, with the entry of Istanbul Airport into service, the most important transit center between the four axes of the world, north, south, east and west.

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