May 19, 2023

Recently, a lot of new dementia has spread, which has become a source of income for many societies in general, and for Syrian society in particular, due to the unprecedented economic crisis in Syria.

Reports issued by Western media spoke of the spread of a new profession in Syria among Syrian youth that depends primarily on the Internet.

Reports stated that playing video games has become a very popular profession among Syrian youth at the present time, as workers in this profession make large profits, which have become their main source of income, helping them to face the difficulties of life and the deteriorating economic conditions in the country.

She explained that many Syrian youth participate in live broadcasting sites, both Arab and foreign, and some of them participate in local and international tournaments during which they receive material prizes amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars for the first-place winner.

Reports added that young men participate in video games that are organized either on Facebook, YouTube, or through other independent platforms.

She pointed out that many young people in Syria have turned the profession of video games into a real profession, during which they get almost constant financial returns and large profits that make them obviate from working in any other profession.

While it quoted one of the Syrian youths who rely on the profession of “video games” to earn their income, assuring that in the beginning he used to get very weak profits from playing, as the main goal in the beginning was fun and entertainment only.

And the young man continued, saying: “With the continued deterioration of the economic situation in the country, the main goal of the games has become about bending money and turning it into a profession that generates a stable income.”

And the young man confirmed: “Many Syrian youths have already been able to obtain significant financial returns from the profession of “video games” via the Internet.”

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