May 30, 2023

The audience is waiting for the date of the presentation of the series, The Price, episode 69, watched in full, and the viewing of the series, The Price, episode 69, has swept through the search engines, after the series, The Price, episode 69, watched the trend during the past hours, as the date for the presentation of the distinguished series, The Price, 69, approached.

The date of the presentation of the price series, episode 70

The series “The Price” falls within the social works within the framework of suspense and romance, as it revolves around the character of Scheherazade, who lost her husband in a car accident, leaving behind his young son whom her family did not recognize. Later, the child gets cancer, and Scheherazade begins to collect money, as one of the wealthy offers her money to start the dramatic story. .

The price is 69 episodes

It is noteworthy that the series, Episode 69, is the Arabic version of the famous Turkish series, and Love remains, which was shown for the first time in 2006, and succeeded in achieving high viewership rates at the level of Egypt and the Arab world.

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