May 23, 2023

The General Administration of Immigration in Turkey has sent a letter to all its branches to start receiving the humanitarian residence files for the Syrians.

This was stated by the Director General of the Migration Department, Swash Onlu, during a meeting with members of the technical office of the Syrian-Turkish Joint Committee.

Onlu emphasized that the General Administration sent a letter to all its branches to start receiving humanitarian residency files.

He explained that Turkey is one of the least countries in which problems occur between the Syrians and the Turks, which is normal for the Turks themselves, adding that the Turkish government is following up on all these problems and standing by them in order to avoid the use of the word racism, and to prevent its recurrence.

The meeting discussed 4 main files: communication, integration and adaptation, the legal situation, and the economic and living conditions of the Syrians, as the technical team emphasized that the Syrians need complete identification papers and legal residency coverage.

The file of teaching the Arabic language to Syrian students in Turkish schools was discussed in order to preserve their Arab identity and culture.

The attendees reviewed the file of the humanitarian cases that reached the Syrian-Turkish joint committee, which numbered more than 26 thousand cases, and stressed the need for effective communication for a radical solution to such cases.

The attendees followed the outstanding problems of the Syrians in the Turkish courts, and discussed the possibility of adopting the Syrian Interim Government’s certification of official papers to help solve these problems.

The meeting agreed to facilitate the work of journalists in Turkey, and to hold workshops and press seminars between Syrian and Turkish journalists, in order to cooperate and coordinate on covering the situation of Syrians, and to encourage renunciation of racism, combat rumors and expose them.

They also agreed to form joint working committees to discuss Syrian issues, primarily humanitarian cases, legal files, granting residency and work permits, in addition to setting a date for a meeting next month, provided that it is expanded for the attendance of representatives of the relevant ministries in dealing with the Syrian file.

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