May 23, 2023

The presidential candidate in the first round of the Turkish presidential elections, Sinan Ogan, announced his position on supporting one of the presidential candidates, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Kamal Kilicdaroglu, in the second round of the Turkish presidential elections today, Monday.

Ogan said, “As we all know, in the first round of the Turkish presidential elections, as the presidential candidate of the Ata coalition, I got 5.2 percent of the vote.”

Ogan thanked the constituent parties of the Ata Alliance and their constituents, and all the citizens who supported it.”

He said, “We see that there are major problems that need an urgent solution in 4 main issues. The first is the refugee issue, the second is the reality of earthquakes, and the third is the economic problems caused by various internal and external challenges. The fourth main issue is the continuation of the stable struggle against terrorist acts against our country.

He said: “On the other hand, the Nation’s Alliance could not show enough success against the People’s Alliance, which has been in an alliance for 20 years, and it could not provide a perspective that would convince us of the future, and most importantly, it could not secure it. Parliamentary majority and the factor of stability was absent from it.

He continued, “There must be a timetable for deporting the refugees to their countries and preventing them from entering our lands, and I ask our voters who voted for us in the first round to vote for Mr. Erdogan in the second round.”

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