May 24, 2023

Sources revealed to RT exciting details about the publication of a video of an attempt to storm the presidential palace in Egypt, as it was revealed that the incident took place last Friday.

The sources confirmed that the person who tried to break into the palace is currently in a hospital in Cairo, where he is taking the drug “ice”, noting that he is a registered danger, and he was carrying an automatic weapon.

The sources pointed out that the palace guards tried to remove him from the place, and he was repeating the phrase “Take my children and lock my children up,” explaining that he was seriously injured.

And it appears in the video clip, a young man lying on the ground bleeding, as the sources also indicated that this palace is included in the presidential palaces, but it does not function at the present time as a presidential palace, as the Ittihadiya Palace is the main palace.

She pointed out that this palace contains antiquities, and it has been restored for about a year, to be opened for visits and to display its possessions to the public.

In other accounts, it was said that when the private guards of the Dome Palace sensed danger, after the attacker’s car (white color) approached, its wheels were targeted with bullets, which caused it to stop, and that the executor shot himself with an automatic weapon with him after he was discovered, and another person was controlled. was with him.

The seized weapon is an AK47 special operations assault rifle.

A number of social media pioneers published information that they said was related to the identity of the person appearing in the video, without any confirmed information from the security authorities in Egypt or the media, and no official comment has yet been issued regarding this incident, whether in denial or confirmation.

Source: RT

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