May 24, 2023

Turkish intelligence and security forces in Istanbul dismantled a spy cell of the Israeli Mossad, consisting of 15 people.

The cell was dismantled by following up and monitoring a company and 23 individuals who have business relations with Iran.

After a year and a half of joint intelligence and security follow-up, it was verified that the aforementioned Massad cell is carrying out espionage missions against a company and 23 people with commercial relations with Iran.

The Israeli Mossad reached out to the leader of the network, Selcuk Kucuk Kaya, and recruited him through a Turkish army employee named Serkan Ozdemir, who fled on charges of belonging to the terrorist group, Fethullah Gulan.

Many meetings were held between Kaya and Mossad officers in European countries

During these meetings, a set of tests were conducted for him, then he was offered a job and was recruited.

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