May 25, 2023

Naturalization files go through several stages, which differ in the age of the application file for citizenship, and the strength of the application, in terms of the applicant, in accordance with the previously mentioned conditions and criteria.

The first stage: the stage of registration and approval of the application

The second stage: sending the file to the competent general directorate to study the file

The third stage: the initial checking of the file.

The fourth stage: the stage of extensive auditing, archiving, and transferring the file to the competent authorities for evaluation.

The fifth stage: entering the file on the naturalization list for approval by the Council of Ministers.

The sixth stage: the decision-making stage of the file.

Seventh stage: Reporting the result through the party where the file was submitted.

Through the link below, you can check the stage of your naturalization file, where, after entering the link, fill in the required information, according to the following.

The application number (Başvuru Numarası), a number that is given to the applicant after the first interview.

The date of birth of the applicant (Doğum Tarihi).

Check the image (Resim Doğrulama) by clicking on the box.

Then press the Sorgula button.

– And then the result appears showing the developments of the file and the stage it reached.

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