May 25, 2023

Passengers at an airport in the United States were surprised by an obese woman who climbed onto the luggage scale to check her weight, at the request of the airline, after which it decided to allow her to board the plane or prevent her from doing so.

According to British media, the strange incident sparked disapproval of the passengers at the airport, which prompted a traveler named Lillian Wessel to photograph the incident and publish it on her page on the “TikTok” platform.

“It’s a very small plane so they needed our weight to take off for safety reasons,” Lillian commented.

Passengers’ reactions to the incident, which the media did not mention, varied, and while one commentator considered the matter illegal, others said it was “common practice,” and one of the passengers commented, “I was traveling from the Philippines and was weighed… I never felt embarrassed.” .

One of the passengers justified the matter by saying that companies are interested in distributing weight on flights carried out by small planes.

According to the FFA, weighing passengers and their baggage before boarding a plane can help ensure the plane is not overloaded.

“Instead of weighing the passengers, the airline employee can ask the passenger about his weight,” the administration said in a statement.

In response to those who feel this is more important for smaller aircraft because it more accurately determines “balance calculations” rather than using estimates or trusting customers at their word, the statement said the FAA advises that the operator make a reasonable estimate of the passenger’s actual weight and add 10 pounds (about 5 kilograms). ).

The Aviation Administration concluded its statement by saying, “If an airline chooses to weigh each passenger, this will be done before boarding the plane, and it advised airlines to protect passenger privacy by keeping scale readings hidden from public view.”

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