May 27, 2023

The Turkish authorities arrested a café owner, who expelled a veiled woman and forced her to leave the place. He was brought before the Public Prosecutor on charges of incitement to hatred, assault, and insult.

The mayor of Uskudar district, where the café is located, wrote on his Twitter account: “This is completely unacceptable.. We will do what is necessary as a municipality for the region. Those days are over and will not return again,” referring to the days when women were banned from wearing the hijab in Turkey. .

Immediately, the municipality took a decision to revoke the cafe’s license.

A video clip spread on social media shows the owner of the place insulting a veiled woman at a table next to the café, and asking her to leave the place.

The Yeni Safak newspaper quoted the woman as saying that she suffered from a ban on the hijab when she was young, and that she was unable to continue her school life, and that people like the owner of this cafe look at her in the street as if they are telling her that there is no place for her here.

The owner of the café (Murad) replied, according to Turkish websites, that he believed that she was a beggar, and that his mother wore a hijab.

In the same context, the residents of the area responded to the behavior of the owner of the place by throwing piles of garbage at the entrance of the café, as an expression of their anger, while one of the women wrote on a wall next to the café the phrase: “The more you ignore us, the more we will become.”

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