May 27, 2023

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan confirmed that the opposition turned politics into a cattle market, as he put it.

He said: “The coalition before us is not alone, but there are minds moving it from abroad, and while we seek to build a strong and independent Turkey, they seek to build a weak and divided Turkey.

He continued: “The strange thing is that they will lose and disperse, and we will refer some or all of them to retirement in the end.

He added, “My people have already made up their minds about this fake nationalism. They tell lies day and night, and even rant about it. Bye bye Kamal is the sheikh of liars, and if you want lessons in lying, go to him.

President Erdogan responded to the text messages that Kilicdaroglu sent to the citizens’ phones yesterday, saying: “They sent text messages to the citizens promising them that the state treasury will intervene in solving the problem of credit card debt when they win. What a lie! This person did not despair of deceiving the people with false promises. How will you get budget approval to do that? “In light of the majority of the ruling coalition in Parliament”.

Yesterday, Thursday, presidential candidate Kamal Kilicdaroglu sent text messages to citizens’ phones promising to solve the problem of personal credit card debts. He explains that the state treasury will intervene to pay off those debts from the banks because of what he described as Erdogan’s policies.

He also promised to write off the interest on the debt and pay the principal amount in 36 monthly installments.

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