May 27, 2023

This interesting Turkish series has become a preoccupation for millions of people who love Turkish drama everywhere, especially watching the series North Star 61 with subtitles for free in HD on a love story, as the series topped the famous search engines on the Internet, and as a result of large crowd searches for the North Star series.

The events of the North Star series revolve around Yildiz, who loves Kuzay since her birth, and her eyes have not seen anyone else. As for Kuzay, who got engaged to Yildiz and went to Istanbul to complete his studies, he fell in love with another woman there, married her, and had 3 daughters from her! What makes him compelled to leave Istanbul and return to his village with his daughters, and he will try to make his daughters accept his village, but Yildiz is determined to return him from whence he came and make him regret what he did previously, which will make the two families fall into an unenviable position, in addition to other events that will be Surprise for everyone.

The series succeeded in attracting viewers from Turkey and the Arab countries, through its events that are shown on screens and channels, which are also available through the Love Story website as soon as it is shown on the Arab and Turkish screens, and the personal accounts of the actors in the series have become the focus of attention of millions of followers around the world, through which celebrities are keen to share Their followers are new to their work and personal lives.

Watch the rest of the episodes and the latest Turkish drama news click here

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